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Despite our recent "Stay at home" order, we continue to work on active cases to help customers remotely. In most cases, you can handle phone, email, or regular email. Feel free to consult. We'll do our best to help you!

Established in 2004


Immigration laws, green cards, family-based immigration, nationality, naturalization, renunciation of I-601, waiver of I-212, parole, petition of abused spouse, consular visa, status adjustment, immigration lawyer,

Richard Bracken is California & Amplifier; #39; The Immigration Law is being enforced in the Japanese Empire. Since he started practicing the immigration law, his office has helped thousands of families and individuals legally enter and remain in the United States.

Richard entered the Washburn University Law School in Topeka, Kansas in 1999 and graduated. He has been a member of Kansas Bar since 2001 (#20076).

US Army and Army captain during the Iraq War, #39; President Presiding Judge #39; I became a member of the army of. He was the first to introduce immigration laws together with the army to support personal immigration issues for soldiers and their families.   Before the dispatch of troops, he was awarded a medal of merit.

In addition to my work as an officer of the JAG, I was appointed as a military commissioner and a Special U.S. Counselor.

Richard B.
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They quickly answered my phone, answered all my questions and went through all the process smoothly. I recommend it.
Recomend, I am Ayud and Miprocess are Fu Rapids.

12/28/2020 11:40pm



I've been with Bracken and Associates since I started DACA, and six years later I'll return to ask for help. Great service! I absolutely recommend you!

12/25/2020 04:20am



My wife and I met Mr. Richard Bracken at the final interview of my wife's green card to represent our case. Our papers were ready, and there was no great problem in our case. Our petition was approved and all the documents were prepared in order. I didn't want to get a chance to reject the interview.  

I contacted many other law firms and charged them unjust charges. However, during the free consultation, Mr. Bracken conducted a thorough assessment and cited the rate based on the facts we liked most.

We are reviewing the attention of Yelp to reflect his mindset. His expertise helped us a lot in the interview.

Richard will be the first person we will discuss with you questions about immigration. We strongly recommend him.

12/30/2020 02:01pm



The staff is amazing with Bracken! About a year ago, my husband and I wanted to ask the advice of the Immigration Bureau and get questions from professionals. He continued to Elp, and found a number of immigration lawyers in our area, but I had nothing to think of until I stumbled on Mr. Bracken Elp's page. I was surprised at the many lives of people whose ways he changed to the better. I told my husband about him at once and we called his office. When I asked if I could go on the same day without an appointment, I was told that there was no problem! On arriving at his office, Adrian greeted him. Adrian took us to Mr. Bracken's office and I soon found him to be a perfect immigration lawyer for us. He answered all our questions and helped us to relax our nerves. He told us that everything would be all right and we had a wonderful incident. From that moment on, we work with Mr. Bracken and our staff. They were nothing but help. If you have any questions or questions, you can contact us by email or phone at any time. They made the whole process of our case as smooth as possible. I recommend it to anyone! Thank you, Mr. Bracken! I really appreciate it!

01/01/2021 11:33pm



I couldn't be any happier because I used Mr. Bracken's service to enter the US. From his fiancee visa to qualification adjustment and condition removal, he and his team guided us professionally, without worries, to the jungle of immigration laws. Brakken also attended the first interview with USCIS, which was a very calming relief and removed tension. And Richard sees his client as a man in place of the case, and cares about the secret, and he is a very kind man! !

12/27/2020 03:37am



In less than five months, Richard Bracken is the best immigration lawyer to help me become an American citizen   The staff were very kind and professional. Thank you! !

12/28/2020 02:28pm



"Demanding" family and I can be called customers.  We have very high standards!

Richard worked with us in good time, good time, good time, good time, and good time, always keeping a polite professional spirit.

He is humble, my family is successful and effective

12/30/2020 02:24pm



About two years ago, I was looking for a lawyer in the Immigration Bureau. You may need it just like any other service  I always do my research. I read a lot of reviews before making a decision. In this case, I was confident about Richard Bracken. I'm just talking about Mr. Bracken! He did a wonderful job. From the first time he came, he calmed us down. When you start the process, everything moves quickly. Mr. Bracket, thank you.

12/30/2020 04:29pm



I would like to thank Richard for overcoming the most difficult times. There was another lawyer in front of Mr. Bracken, but the difference was day and night. Questions that Maria or his jurors cannot answer may be added in a timely manner. They make a wonderful team. My husband is now a permanent resident and our family is always grateful.  I'm glad I got him on my side.

12/30/2020 12:50pm



After reviewing the various offices in order to determine the status of immigration, I went to Mr. Bracken and could not make a better choice. Many offices paid a tremendous fee and hurried my promise. From the time I made my first promise, I felt that I was paying complete attention to my problems. That's one of the main reasons I hire Bracken! Throughout the process they were the most important and ready to answer my questions. In five months my case was completed and I had a green card. I couldn't thank them for the help they gave me! ! I strongly recommend Mr. Bracken, Mr. Maria and Mr. Nancy. You should go here if you have a case of immigration.

12/26/2020 01:40am